There are several types of background investigations. The specific needs for the investigation will determine which investigation is to be conducted. At Russell Investigations we offer the following types of background investigations:


The personal background investigation provides the client with general information in regards to the trustworthiness and character of an individual. The assigned investigator will secure the subject’s true identity, home address, source of income(s) and related information. This investigation may become more detailed to include real property and business ownership, driving history and financial data. This investigation may be detailed or general, depending on the needs of the client.

Pre-Employment Background Investigation

The liability for an employer to "hire responsibly" has increased greatly in recent years. One of the methods that an employer may employ, is to conduct an in-depth background investigation on all applicants. A Pre-employment background investigation is designed to determine the trustworthiness and character of an applicant. When a client request a background investigation, the investigator verifies the applicant’s personal identification, education, credit, employment history, criminal history and related information. The investigator researches the applicant to suit the specific needs of the client such as those which may effect a contractual agreement or company policy. This investigation may be basic or extensive as warranted by the clients needs and budgetary considerations, however, cost may be substantially reduced with multiple investigations conducted by Russell Investigations.

Narcotic Investigation

Narcotic investigations are a useful tool when an employer has a concern to provide his or her employees a drug free work place or a client has an interest to show or deny the use of narcotics by and individual. Russell Investigations has narcotic experts on staff to conduct such investigations with only the most reliable and defendable results. This investigation may be fundamental or complex and we have the resources to conduct an accurate and in-depth narcotic investigation.

Narcotic Use in the Work Place

Russell Investigations offers a comprehensive program for companies to implement an effective anti-drug policy in the work force. This program is called PROJECT S.A.F.E., "Strategy for Abuse Free Employees". Project S.A.F.E. instructs managers to identify the abuser of drugs and alcohol in the work place.

Insurance Investigations

Worker’s Compensation, health, life and casualty insurance claims can be vary costly and many claims filed are fraudulent. Our services offer a wide array of protection to a client and the insurance investigation may consist of evidence documentation, legal statements, interviews with related parties to undercover operations to show that a previously filed claim may be false and that a crime has been committed. Russell Investigations is accustomed to working with investigative units or divisions to reveal the facts.

Criminal Defense and Prosecution

Our investigators have been instrumental in the successful defense and prosecution of criminal suspects. Our firm will first decide the integrity of the proposed investigation to be conducted and then implement our resources to assist the client in achieving successful results in the court case. Russell Investigations provides follow-up services to ensure that the information which is compiled by our investigators, has the maximum impact on the criminal case.