Simply Put, Strategic Partnering is the Ability for a Security Provider to Meet the Specific Needs of Each Client

"Some suppliers claim that their concern for quality services has led to partnering alliances. In reality, for most security services companies this remains more marketing hype than anything else. None of the top 25 U.S. security companies today can be characterized as a firm committed to strategic Partnering.

When the security directors of 10 of the largest companies in America were asked what they considered the top three critical factors facing their programs today, seven of the 10 responded "finding and retaining a really quality-driven contract security agency". This according to Security Technology & Design magazine, September 1994.

Individual Contract Management

This is exactly the service that Russell Security and Staffing Provides. Upon contracting with our company, the client’s specific needs are assessed and a security plan is developed and implemented. What is ideal for one client may not meet the needs of another company. It is for this reason that each of our clients are viewed and managed on an individual basis.

This individual contract management technique ensures each client that the specific needs of that contract are not only adequately met, but will be updated each and every time that a specific need is identified.

Many of the additional resources which Russell Security implements to meet these needs are at no additional expense to the client.

Additional Services Offered to Client at No Additional Cost

  • Development of Efficient Forms and Reports

  • Maintain Security of Original Reports and Log Books

  • Client to be Listed as Additional Insured

  • Integrate Two-Way Radio System with Client