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Russell Security is named after our friend and founder, Chris Russell. Chris is a retired, veteran law enforcement officer. He served very honorably in the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department as a deputy sheriff and was instrumental in developing their K-9 unit—the added deployment of trained dogs in detecting illegal substances, finding evidence, and as a supplementary deterrent. Upon retiring, Chris founded K-9 Security, which also developed into Russell Security and Staffing. Russell Security and Staffing grew into office sites at two locations—Upland, CA and Phoenix Metro, AZ providing standing/fixed-position security guards as well as mobile patrols. During this time, Chris also advanced our services in administrative and clerical support related to the security industry and he also launched operations in private investigations. Although semi-retired from his successful security career, Chris still remains in touch to help and advise our new owners and our team.

In more recent times, Pablo Lucanera, a skilled and energetic security entrepreneur, assumed executive leadership of Russell Security and Staffing. To the existing tradition of Russell, Pablo adds a strong interest in tools/devices, systems, and information technology that can enhance or supplement our mission in security services for our customers and communities. An example is the recent launching of our security cameras and monitoring technology group and its growing integration with our traditional offerings in guard services and mobile patrols. Also, Pablo is dedicated to developing our own expertise in real-time field reporting for our teams and customers. Pablo has training in real-estate law and property management; and this background helps him understand the needs of property managers and owners. Pablo is fluent in Spanish as well, and enjoys reaching out to our highly valued and culturally diverse communities. Known for his integrity and fairness, Pablo always strives to follow through for our customers and in caring about our employees, who work hard with strong ethics for Russell. A dedicated husband and father, Pablo and his family live in a community that Russell actually serves.