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Our Unique Advantage

Russell Private Security offers security cameras and monitoring both as “stand-alone” options as well as in combination with security guard services and/or mobile patrols. Our aim is to meet you where you are at in your current scope of budget or operations. We also realize your regular or seasonal needs in security may vary within your budget. In offering these mixes of solutions, we believe Russell is one of the unique and more advanced security companies in our region.

Security Cameras—an Eye That Never Blinks/A Memory That Does Not Fade

We continue to believe that standing security guards can deliver the best value in deterrence and response at your site. But, if for budget or as a supplement, cameras can offer evidence in proving a crime or unethical activity, or to resolve issues/disputes related to personnel at your site or even in verifying the performance and/or claims of a security guard. Demonstrative evidence is becoming more and more important in our complex and changing community and world.

Finding the Cameras and Monitoring Solution for Your Site—Key Factors

Our offerings in security cameras and monitoring are designed to address security solutions for residential and/or commercial security sites. So, they will include camera and system configurations from the simplest form to various levels of sophistication and complexity. Obviously, the size/scope of the site and the needed performance goals of the camera technology will be key in assigning the solutions package for each customer. Factors in camera and monitoring requirements might include:

  • Size and scale of the monitored site.
  • Capability of installed cameras and systems to endure various conditions of environment.
  • Number of cameras needed to deliver complete and quality images for real-time surveillance and or later demonstrative evidence.
  • Systems and network resources to connect or “link’ related sites and/or centralized monitoring of customer’s material and human resources.
  • Possible assignment of security officers to conduct real-time surveillance and response, if necessary, to threats or actual criminal/unethical action in progress.
  • Inclusion of other access or field-reporting technology in a complete security solution.
  • Supplement of camera and monitoring technology with needed standing security guard duties and/or mobile patrols.

Flexible Packages and Special Offerings

Russell Private security will offer an initial site assessment and evaluation to the interested customer at no charge. The assessment will help determine the best mix of offerings for that customer, as well as a price quote at no obligation. Additional or advanced consulting may be subject to a fee. Please also know that we consider and/or offer packages and bundles of services and products for your unique security solution(s). We also offer trial-use programs and/or free offerings and/or discounts with a minimum-volume purchase, such as for a security consulting/installation, combination with mobile patrols, and/or in-tandem use of security guards and supplementary security monitoring.