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Our Experience in Mobile Patrols

Russell Security and Staffing offers quality mobile patrols as an option for your unique security solution(s). In fact, Russell emerged in the Inland Empire as a key innovator in mobile patrols during the late 1990s and as we entered the years after 2000. We accomplished this consistent quality by carefully planning our patrols in service to our customers. To this day, mobile patrols can serve as a security solution on their own or in combination with other offerings in security.

School Districts / Campus Security

Russell Security has been dedicated to serving school districts since its inception. School districts can refer to public and private institutional systems and networks, and to colleges and vocational learning centers. It is important to note that events of recent years have placed more emphasis on the necessity of more proactive security and response. Our approach to this area has always been one of respect for educators and of empathy and concern for the safety and harmonious educational environment of students. We strive to offer bundles of services that address the budgetary concerns of school facilities in pursuing school safety and security. Standing security officers, mobile patrols, and surveillance technology can serve as solutions where applicable, per season and operational activity, and to reduce risk for campus sites after hours or during periods of school breaks. Russell Security can administer the necessary guard screening and testing to reduce risk and increase confidence in the capabilities and integrity of security personnel.


Major Reasons to Hire Patrol Services

So—you may ask: “Would my business or organization benefit from hiring mobile patrol services?” Our/your answer might be “yes” if you:

  • do not have the budget for assignment of an on-site, full- or part-time security guard.
  • have security cameras on site, and you want to assign patrols as a supplement for coverage.
  • want to install security cameras and want to supplement security with patrols.
  • wish to show a security presence at night, within budget, and also pursue parking enforcement.
  • have a period at night about/during which you wish to receive a report about full lock-up and security of facility after hours.


What is Included in a Patrol Service?

Mobile patrols include use of a marked security vehicle designed to show a “command presence” when appearing on the property site. We want our Russell Security vehicle to be seen and to help discourage (or “deter”) crime, vandalism, or unethical activity. Also, we assign a quality, trained security officer to use the vehicle for the patrol visit.
Each patrol visit is called “a hit,” and should be for a specific period in which the officer walks the applicable property site and:

  • walks the property of site and also does a quick check of the perimeter.
  • makes sure all common areas, containers/storage, designated areas, and commonly accessed entrances are secure.
  • enforces parking and general rules of site and/or community, as applicable, such as for an association. This activity may include issuing citations/corrections as authorized by client’s management.
The client can request several hits per night as practical per agreement with Russell, and as budget and distances/logistics of patrol routes allow. 2-4 hits per night are common averages.
NOTE: Although Russell acknowledges the marked value of mobile patrols, a dedicated, on-site security guard remains the best means to deterrence and reporting for security of your site(s). Also, please consider our options and packages for mixing patrols with cameras and monitoring.

Parking Plus

Russell Private Security Parking Plus can be incorporated to your regular parking enforcement service. Parking Plus is intended to help manage the permanent parking permits granted to residents for the vehicles that need to be parked outside the garage or reserved space. For this, we provide distinctive, custom made, permits to be placed in the resident’s or guest vehicle.
Board members have two options: hanging tags or window decals. The hanging tags are made with thicker than regular plastic with a unique hologram sticker that is near impossible to duplicate. Our stickers are made from destructible vinyl that is designed to break apart into pieces once it has fully adhered and removal is attempted. This prevents any user to remove the sticker and user it in another vehicle. For very dark tinted windows, we provide distinct stickers designed to be placed outside the window. Both stickers and tags are customized with your community’s or company’s name, and they are individually numbered.
Our office will take care of the entire application process, from the moment a resident submits the paperwork to the moment the tag or decal is delivered. Once the permits have been distributed, we keep track of all permits and maintain records for our officers to fully enforce the rules provided.
Hanging Tag

  • Size 3” x 5”, 35 mil. thick
  • Thicker than regular tags
  • Color changed yearly for misuse prevention
  • Hologram embedded and reflective background for counterfeit protection.
  • Property name on the tag at no extra cost
  • Tags will be numbered consecutively at no extra cost.
Window Decal
  • Size 2” x3”
  • Made from destructible vinyl that is designed to break apart into pieces.
  • Permits are non-transferable and cannot be moved from car-to-car.
  • Lasts at least two years.
  • Property name on the sticker at no extra cost
  • Decals will be numbered consecutively at no extra cost.
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Safelisting/Overnight Parking Services for Guests

A guest parking permit program, otherwise known as a Safelisting Program is designed to allow guests to park their vehicles in designated areas within a residential neighborhood or complex. The specific details of how the program works is custom designed for your community may vary depending on the rules set by the homeowner’s association, but the general process is as follows:
Residents of the neighborhood or complex are typically eligible to apply for guest parking permits on behalf of their guests by simply contacting our office. Our dispatchoffice is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week including holidays and weekends.
In order to request a safelisting, the resident will need to provide the vehicle’s make,model, color and license plate number, resident’s address, phone number to be used only for emergencies, and the number of nights the vehicle will be parking in the community.
Permits are only approved if the caller/household meets all the criteria governed by the community’s parking policy.
Enforcement of the guest parking permit program is carried out by our security officers during the scheduled patrol visits. During this time, we process the license plates of the vehicles parked on the property and confirm whether or not they have a valid permit. Vehicles without a permit are given a violation notice and may be towed according to the community’s rules.
Records of all citations and permits are available for property management and board members by visiting our website and accessing the property’s records kept in our exclusive cloud-based software program.
Overall, the guest parking permit program is intended to help manage parking availability and ensure that residents and their guests have adequate parking options. By following the guidelines and requirements of the program, residents and their guests can help maintain a safe and orderly parking environment in the community.